Friday, January 22, 2016

Welcome Dr. Changhong Zhou!

This announcement comes a little late but I am very happy to announce that my husband and business partner will be joining Boston Chinese Acupuncture and Boca Raton Acupuncture Clinic as an acupuncturist and herbalist this year!  The two of us met at the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and nearly 3 decades later, we are still practicing Chinese medicine together.

boca acupuncture changhong zhou
Dr. Zhou lecturing on acupuncture in China
Dr. Zhou graduated summa cum laude from Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and earned his masters of medicine from the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, specializing in infectious diseases. In the US, he attained his PhD in virology from the Medical College of Ohio and has worked for over a decade in vaccine development in both private sector companies and at Harvard Medical School.

Although Dr. Zhou and I have similar philosophies on Chinese medicine, our practice styles are quite different. Since I have practiced for a longer period of time in the US, my acupuncture style has become more tailored for American patients.  Dr. Zhou, on the other hand, has retained a more traditional style, using longer needles and deeper points, which is especially powerful for suffers of intense, chronic pain.

Because of our differences in style, Dr. Zhou complements and strengthens the variety and breadth of ailments we are able to treat at Boston Chinese Acupuncture and Boca Raton Acupuncture Clinic.  For example, Dr. Zhou specializes in chronic pain management, post-surgical recovery and disorders affecting the elderly.  Furthermore, with decades of experience in pharmaceutical research, Dr. Zhou is well-suited to treat patients taking many types of medications and ensuring that the acupuncture and Chinese herbs complement their other, Western medical treatment regimes.

boston acupuncturist changhong zhou
Dr. Changhong Zhou 
With his ample schooling and apprenticeships in Chinese medicine, Dr. Zhou is especially gifted in the realm of Chinese herbs.  His skill with Chinese herbal formulas, in fact, has made him a minor celebrity in his home province of Henan, China, where villagers come from hundreds of miles for a chance to see him.  Chinese herbal formulas are especially beneficial for people with chronic ailments such as allergies or autoimmune diseases.  Because the herbs can be safely and affordably taken on a daily basis, they can speed up the reduction of symptoms than using acupuncture alone.  Dr. Zhou's experience with Chinese herbs allows him to safely prescribe formulas even for patients with liver and kidney damage.

Inquires about working with Dr. Zhou can be made by emailing or by visiting our websites at or